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Can petrol stations change their prices throughout the day?

I received this e-mail from a ValueIreland.com reader some time ago.

Hi there,  came accross your website for the first time today,  I was wondering if you might know if something I’ve heard is true?  That Petrol Garages can only change their petrol prices at midnight?

It arises after an incident I had today at a Topaz station who changed their price (increased by 2c) during a very brief lull in the forecourt this morning.

Another customer who joined me in my query with the station manager thought it was a rule they could only change the price at midnight.  Can you confirm if this is the case?

I’ve researched this a bit since I received the e-mail and the best that I can find out is that there is nothing to stop a petrol station changing their prices as much as they want during the day.

Given that there are no price controls on the price of petrol, then as long as they meet the price display requirements by having the signs show the same price as the pumps, then there’s nothing to stop garages doing this.

Anyone know anything different?

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