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Taxi Confessions – why I’m boycotting taxis

This pretty dramatic e-mail came in to ValueIreland.com recently. Some strong stuff.

Ok – the following experiences, all happening directly after each other, are why I started boycotting taxis:

Taxi number one – told me that because of decentralization there were loopers driving taxis. Also said it was the easiest thing in the world to make up a fake number and then buy the light for the top and a “fare” machine and that thousands of taxi drivers were doing this and would probably rape you if you got in with them.

Taxi number two: After reassuring me that he was Ok because he was independently wealthy, spent 25 uninterrupted minutes (and believe me there was no opportunity to interrupt) exploring the Governments Economic policy and how that has contributed to the down fall of the country, including a revision of basic economics, because you need to understand that first. His language could be described as colourful.

Taxi number three. Smelled horrible, mumbled in a really peculiar way that I could only hear half the time but explained how he left on early retirement from Eircom and was finding it harder and harder to make a living and he was on less then minimum wage. He then proceeded to drive the wrong way up the road!

Taxi number four. After spotting 2 girls in mini skirts started laughing and wondering why they would bother claiming they were raped when they were dressed like that. This was the last straw.

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  • I am fed up with taxis that stink of smoke. I am about to start getting out of them right away and getting another cab, and I will tell them why I am doing so. If more people did that…

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