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What can I do about petrol station changing its prices?

Irish News of the World

Sunday June 14th, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane


My local petrol station is well known in the area for increasing their prices at certain times during the day when they know they’re going to be busy. Then, in the early morning and late evenings, they’ll drop their prices again.

The difference sometimes can be between 2c and 5c per litre – which can add up if you’re filling up the car.

Can they do that? I heard that petrol stations can only change their prices at midnight.


I can find no reason to stop this petrol station from doing this at all unfortunately, and I don’t see anything that says they can only change prices at midnight – most petrol stations wouldn’t have anyone working then anyway, so it’d be impossible.

I suppose the good thing is that the locals have noticed and know the best times to buy their petrol.

Given that there are no price controls on the price of petrol in Ireland, then as long as the petrol station meets the price display requirements by having the signs show the same price as is on the pumps, then there’s nothing to stop garages doing this.

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