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B&B – I didn’t use my room, should I have to pay?

Irish News of the World

Sunday May 31st, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane


I booked a B&B in Kilkenny last weekend for three of us to share a triple room. I booked over the phone and gave my Laser card details to secure the booking.

I checked in on the Friday and was given the keys. I went to meet my friends, but one of them fell ill and we had to bring them to hospital and we didn’t end up staying in the room.

The B&B still wants me to pay the full €117 for the room for the three of us, even though we didn’t stay there.

I think this is unfair. What are my rights?


Based on the information you’ve provided, unfortunately for you, the B&B are completely within their rights to charge you for the room.

As far as they’d have known, you took the keys and would be staying in the room. You don’t indicate whether you contacted them to let them know that you wouldn’t be back that night.

In fact, even if you did, most reservations and bookings will allow you to be charged the full fee if you cancel at such short notice. Depending on the time of year, they might not be able to rent out the room again.

In this particular case, the best you could hope for is that you explain the situation you experienced that weekend and hope for a little good will from the owner of the B&B – maybe they’ll give you a discount if you go back for another weekend sometime soon.

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  • Without being unkind, I would have to assume you do not travel much, I have lost the value of many a room over the years for one reason or another but it is my loss as I am all too aware of the conditions of the booking before I make them. Remember also that things are very tight in this sector at the moment and grand gestures of the type you hope for are fairly non existent.

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