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Do you know what the Dolceta Project is?

Dolceta is an online consumer education website, or the Development of Online Consumer Education Tools for Adults. According to the website:

Consumer Education is one of the declared objectives of the European Union (EU) [1]. Political strategists are convinced that it is indispensable to implement well-structured consumer education measures both on a national level and through international networks.

Consumer education aims to encourage individuals to analyse and make value-based decisions at a personal level in terms of needs and wants.

Consumer education in Dolceta is based in the Competence Based model for Consumer Education (COBACE) .

The webpage linked above was developed for the European Commission specifically for Irish consumer needs with the assistance of the Consumers Association of Ireland.

The site covers topics under the headings of Consumer Rights, Financial Services, Consumer Safety while it has a special Teacher Corner section that allows the information be presented to school children as well as adults.

Check out the site – it could provide some assistance in the future. Nice to see ValueIreland.com get a mention on the site as well.

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