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Irish consumers are shopping around to save money

There was an interesting report yesterday evening on the Irish Times website – link here. According to the report, research from the National Consumer Agency found that:

More Irish people are shopping around before buying into service contracts for broadband, mobile phones or electricity, according to a survey by the National Consumer Agency (NCA).

Some 12 of the 17 contract areas surveyed show increases in the incidence of consumers changing service providers in search of better value.

The research found that consumers were shopping around and changing their service providers in the areas or home and car insurance market, home electricity provider, fixed line and mobile phone providers, as well as broadband providers.

I was interested in the article statement that said:

Of the people who changed, four out of five have saved money as a result, the survey, which was published today, indicated.

Are people switching for other reasons other than to save money? Are the leaving because of poor service quality (8%)? Or poor customer service (14%)? Or because of overcharging (not reported)? 15% of consumers said that they they changed because they were following the recommendations of others.

The full report, available here on the National Consumer Agency website is definitely worth while reading.

A final point to leave you with – there is a table giving reasons why people haven’t switched different service providers. Interestingly, only 2% of respondants said that they haven’t switched broadband providers because of a lack of alternatives.

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