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Dublin Bus – Consumer Watch “Bad Value of the Week”

Gareth Naughton gave Dublin Bus his “bad value of the week” dubious award yesterday in the Sunday Tribune. His reasoning is here:

I don’t know about you but I have no desire to subsidise Dublin Bus any more than I already do, yet bus drivers seem determined to charge customers over the odds for their journeys. Giving change takes a couple of seconds yet most drivers seem to think it’s OK to keep back the odd five or ten cent on behalf of Dublin Bus rather than bother printing out a change receipt. Five cent may not seem like much but it mounts up over time. Don’t be afraid to demand your change: it’s your money and they have no right to keep it.

I wrote about problems with Dublin Bus drivers and their change giving habits here, way back in December 2007. Though, in the past while, I have to admit that I thought that the Dublin Bus drivers were getting better at giving change tickets recently.

Remember though, as Gareth says above, it’s your money, so make sure you get your change ticket. Even if you’re a bit shy, just stand there, waiting – don’t pull the ticket out until the driver adds the extra change ticket to the end of it.

And if you build up a bundle of these tickets – and make sure you keep both parts of the ticket in order to get the refund – you could think about sending them off to a charity of your choice to do a little good with your bus ticket change. I send mine onto the DSPCA – with a specific request that they help out the dogs in their care.

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