Ridiculous consumer views about Ryanair

This thread on Pricewatch recently, which I’ve referred to a few times already, is a gold mine of information and absolute stupidity. It’s a “must read” to see the two extremes of opinion when it comes to flying with Ryanair.
You can understand when people feel aggrieved when they’ve got problems as paying passengers, but the sentiment in this particular comment shows how some people will always (for whatever reason) just “have it in” for Ryanair.

Well all, see Ryanair at it again inconveniencing there passengers by leaving Manchester because they wont drop there fees to suit Ryanair and now forcing passengers to travel to other English airports costing them more in Bus/Train fares to get to there destination Manchester.

As if Ryanair have any responsibilities to anyone who wants to fly to Manchester? What is it I said before about Irish people and their sense of “entitlement”?

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2 Responses to Ridiculous consumer views about Ryanair

  1. Jenny Mathis October 1, 2009 at 08:05 #

    Well Manchester is a major area so it’s definitely a major inconvenience. That said, Ryan Air are not obligated in the least to fly there if they don’t want to or it’s not a profitable destination for them.

  2. Anne Heather October 2, 2009 at 10:15 #

    Ryanair are not really Europe friendly either. I would like to know how they evaluate where to fly and when! Have they done an analysis on how many Irish people need the service? I don’t think so.

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