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Australian Consumer Organisation awards “Shonkys” for substandard products

Every year, the Australian consumer organisation, Consumer Choice, awards what they call their Shonky Awards. A Shonky is awarded to companies who provide Australian consumers with substandard products and services throughout the year.

You can see a report on the 2009 Shonkys Awards in this newspaper article, If it’s shonky, then it’s a worthy lemon. The article is worth checking out, if only for the video at the start. The full Consumer Choice report on the awards and the winners is available here.

The awards handed out were as follows:

  • Plugging Stuff and Nonsense goes to Reegen Micro-Plug
  • Cheese-Fearing Surrender Monkey goes to Tiffany FP807 Food processor
  • Water at What Price? goes to Chef’s Cupboard and Massel liquid stocks
  • Honey (Oat crisp), I shrunk the groceries goes to Uncle Toby Oat Crisp Honey cereal
  • Blinding us with dodgy science goes to L’Oréal Elvive
  • Profit Protection Insurance goes to the Credit protection insurance industry
  • Sky high surcharges goes to Qantas and Tiger Airways
  • Teleconfusication goes to Tel.pacific phone cards

I think this is a fantastic scheme. It’d be great if we could have something similar here in Ireland. You wouldn’t have to think hard over many of those categories to come up with some Irish nominees.

We could call them the Mankys. Anyone like to have a go with their nominations? Or maybe we should have our own particularly Irish nominations?

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3 comments On Australian Consumer Organisation awards “Shonkys” for substandard products

  • Surely we could simply give a lifetime achievement award to Eircom, then retire the award.


  • I would love a Manky award for Fords. What do you all think of this?

    Husband was lucky enough to purchase a 2009 car (after many years of having a trusty Focus) another Focus. This time it did not come with a spare wheel but a bottle of liquid filler if a puncture occurred. At the time he was quite unhappy with this arrangement and I asked if we might be able to get a spare wheel anyway but was told no. Last week he got a puncture and had to use this liquid and sure enough it worked. That left him without a ‘spare’ and it seems the tyre is only good for 125 miles after use. It also happened that the first service was due. The car was left in and during the course of the day, the Service Manager rang to tell husband that the liquid had to be replaced BUT was he aware of the cost, €70 where upon poor husband almost collapsed. When he went to collect car and pay the bill, he had a fit of moaning and they relented and took cost of ONLY €49. We subsequently found it on the web for £15. At the same time he learned that he was entitled to receive the choice of a spare wheel or this contraption at the time of purchase. When I get a puncture it costs me €10 to repair if the tyre is repairable…sometimes it is not possible to put this mousse stuff into a tyre depending on its injury, it could be hacked open with some of the pot holes that now abound our roads which would mean that he would be stranded on the road…. but to think that a puncture in our Focus will cost us €70 for the stuff and then €10 for a repair later, HELP! please award a Manky to Fords of Cork immediately.

  • It has to be the Banks, not only are we bailing them out but we are now getting lousy service as well.

    My local Bank of Ireland in Salthill has constant queues but refuses to open the extra available hatch. Plenty of people available to flog you insurance but nobody available to clear the queue.

    If I treated my customers like that they would walk. They also charge for each transaction, give lousy interest on deposits and have a special 1.5% currency transaction charge for any non euro purchases.

    Best of all we are paying for it.

    Please give a special award for lousy service to the Bank of Ireland Salthill Galway.

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