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Blast from the Past – Anyone remember “Young Ireland”?

No, I’m not referring to the Irish Nationalist movement from the 1830’s leading up to the Young Irelanders Rebellion in 1848. I’m referring to the Young Ireland “Buy Irish” campaign from the 1980’s.

I’ve written a fair bit here in the past about buying Irish – I grew up in the west where my parents ran their own manufacturing business where we depended on people buying Irish.

Does anyone remember the “Young Ireland” Buy Irish campaign from the 1980’s? As I remember it, it was a buy Irish campaign focused on school children. If you’re around about my vintage, you’ll might remember the advertising for the campaign on your homework copybooks.

The memories of the campaign came to me recently, and I have vague memories of being deeply involved and committed to whatever it was the campaign entailed – though the precise details escape me now.

The only thing I can find anywhere about this campaign is this entry on Wikipedia which primarily refers to a renewal of the campaign (which passed me by) in 1992.

Does anyone remember the Young Ireland campaign? Post your memories in the comments below – maybe we can document the campaign a bit better. Given that Nintendos and Playstations aren’t made in Ireland, I guess there’s no point trying to bring it back these days.

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