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New Price Comparison Website: Health Insurance

This press release came through recently from the Health Insurance Authority:

The Health Insurance Authority just launched a new website with in-depth consumer information pages and a new product comparison tool.

The product comparison allows consumers to compare benefits and prices of health insurance products, enabling them to choose the most appropriate product when buying health insurance and saving money in the process.

The Health Insurance Authority Product Comparison is available here.

I had a quick look at the site and first thing I noticed was that I was offered a health insurance product that seemed to be only available for credit union members – which I’m not.

Given that the myriad of health insurance products that are being made available by the three competitors in the Irish health insurance market, more information can only be better for consumers.

There are, however, a couple of points to note.

Firstly, this wide range of products and different price levels is purely intended to confuse the consumer and to make it hard to make a full price comparison between health insurance products.

Secondly, if this price comparison website is anything like the telecoms site, CallCosts.ie, you should be aware that the service providers could very likely find a way to “game” the website to find a way to always have their own products show at the top of any search that a consumer might make.

3 comments On New Price Comparison Website: Health Insurance

  • Well it’s a move in the right direction, but whether it will help or not ..

    I’ve got a plan with BUPA / Quinn, but I’ve no idea if it’s the right one or not. Any attempts I made to get them to explain to me which plan was right or give me a comparison between their own plans led nowhere

  • All health insurance policies are available to all consumers regardless of whether they are a member of a credit union, a member of a company scheme or purchasing as an individual. An insurer must sell you any health insurance policy that is currently marketed. With regard to the comment on “gaming”, the Authority will continue to be vigilant concerning the appropriate placement of products on our search results.

  • @Michele – As someone who doesn’t subscribe to the notion of paying for health insurance on the double, I’d question the fact that you’re paying out for something that you don’t actually understand.
    I think this is particularly important in the area of insurance as not understanding exactly what you’re getting could mean that if you ever do actually need to make a claim, you could find that you’re not covered.

    @Sadhbh – Thanks for the clarification – good to know.

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