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Book value of cars in Ireland – some things to note

One of the more popular search terms that brings visitors to the ValueIreland.com website is “car book value ireland” or some combination of these words.

I guess this is where people are trying to find out how much they’re cars are worth if they were to sell them.

You’ll hear about “the blue book” from those who “know about cars”.

If you’re trying to sell your car at the moment and upgrade, or downgrade, you can ignore the “blue book” and anything close to the “book value” of your car.

Your car today is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it – and like you’re house, that’s probably not a lot.

If you try to trade in your car, you may find that a garage will offer you a derisory amount for your car. You can look at this a few ways – that’s what it’s actually worth in the current market, or the garage is only going to pay you that amount because times are tough, or they’re offering you such a low amount because they just don’t want your car hanging around their showroom once you’re gone.

All these tactics are legitimate – there’s no obligation on a garage to offer you any particular amount for your car. The “book value” of a car is just a guideline amount, but market considerations will always apply first and foremost.

2 comments On Book value of cars in Ireland – some things to note

  • Hi! I really like the new layout……very usable. In regard to car book values, you might have commented on the very large reductions in the price of used cars on sale, and of new cars, and that the significant figure nowadays is the “cost to change”.

  • I was involved in the motor trade for a while and never had any time for the ‘book value’. As stated above the prices cars are making is all thats relevant. Merlin car auctions used to (probably still do) sell the prices cars sold for as a ‘snapshot’ now that is relevant to what cars are making in the real world

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