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AIB added to Overcharging Hall of Shame for 8th time

Today sees yet another addition to the Overcharging Hall of Shame with AIB returning to the listing now for the 8th time – the most of any Irish business.

As reported on Monday evening, AIB have put their hands up again to admit that this time they stole upwards on €4m from 40,000 of their customers.

According to the Irish Times article linked to above:

The bank said the error arose in relation to the classification of some customers’ accounts, and the average refund is expected to be €100.
In a statement today, AIB said part of its account classification process had been found to be “vulnerable” in some cases, resulting in accounts being mistakenly entered into the wrong category.
This meant that some personal accounts had been classified as business and some business accounts as personal.

You can read the full listing of companies here who have admitted overcharging their nearly 2.3m customers by nearly €650m since 2004.

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