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How much do you trust Irish businesses these days?

I just had a thought last night.

Way back when, November 2004 actually, 41% of people surveyed on ValueIreland.com admitted that they didn’t check any of their bills before paying them.

Given all the overcharging incidents we’ve seen since then, I wonder has that number gone up? I guess that more people are checking their bills these days at the moment anyway, just in case they can find a way of cutting their expenses.

Do you check your bills? When you see a special offer from a business, do you believe them? Are you always wary of the dreaded small print?

Do you think that businesses are still more concerned with making a quick buck off us than providing us with value for money services and building a lasting relationship?

In short, do you trust that Irish businesses that you’re a customer of at the moment, or that you’re thinking of becoming a customer of in the future?

1 comments On How much do you trust Irish businesses these days?

  • I always check my bills, bank statements, Etc., whenever I get them to ensure they’re what they should be. I’m also one of these people who ALWAYS reads the small print, even when it’s really, really small.

    For example, in a similar but different vein, those adverts you see on the TV for hair products – you know the ones I mean, Cheryl or Davina or Andi showing us just how the latest product makes their hair shine, “because we’re worth it”. Well, almost every one of those ads has small print on the bottom of the screen which usually says something along the lines of “Cheryl has been styled with natural hair extensions”. Or mascara ads which tell us how wonderfully long they make your eyelashes look, but the small print tells us that fake eyelash extensions have been added to the model’s eyes.

    It’s not exactly what you’re asking about, but it shows how instructive and educational it is to read the small print!

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