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Consumers Association Chief Executive advocates buying British, not Irish

I had to read this recent story in the Evening Herald, Lidl bargain sets Irish stores meaty challenge, a few times before I could finally grasp what was going on.

First of all, I couldn’t understand how the Consumers Association of Ireland would be so desperate for newspaper coverage (measured monthly as a KPI for the organisation) that they’d be quoted welcoming the introduction of a new bargain price “roast dinner selection” to Lidl outlets throughout the country.

Then we discover that the welcomed new bargain meal is actually a product of the United Kingdom, and Mr. Jewell expects there to be queues of shoppers down the street waiting to buy a roast dinner for €1.99.

I can’t imagine the CAI deputy chairman, Michael Kilcoyne, would have been be too happy to hear about Mr. Jewells comments, particularly as only that week he had to deal with 140 of his union members in Galway losing their jobs at the Irish wholesaler Musgraves, suppliers to many competitors of Lidl.

I suppose it’s the perennial problem for Irish consumers. Do you buy Irish, frequently at a higher price, with the aim of supporting Irish businesses and industry, or do you follow the price and buy the cheapest products possible?

1 comments On Consumers Association Chief Executive advocates buying British, not Irish

  • I find it distateful to see any Irish organisation supporting the sale of British goods. Ireland needs jobs and supporting something that is not produced in Ireland is not supporting Irish jobs. If we want to be compared with the UK then we will all have to accept lower wages, rents, rates, service charges, poorer health care services, poorer policing, fewer teachers and many other public services would have to be cut or eliminated. Unemployment benefits would have to be reduced to a maximum of €90 per week. Is this the type of country we want for our children and our childrens children. If paying a little bit more for quality Irish produce is what it takes to provide jobs in Ireland then count me in. If not then I will move to another country because this country is not going in a direction I would like to witness.

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