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Idea generating campaigns disconnect – Having ideas versus having a vision

I wrote a fair bit last week, and yesterday as well, about the new ideas generating campaign that’s currently ongoing here in Ireland – Your Country, Your Call.

I’ve tried to portray my own thoughts, particular in the first post – Yet another idea generating campaign – can we see some actions sometime maybe?

Coincidentally then, that it was only last week that I came across this article on the Harvard Business Review Blog – Having Ideas Versus Having a Vision. According to the author of this article:

One consequence of a decade focused on idea generation is ideas are now more easily accessible, which has also made idea generation less of a differentiator in competition than it has traditionally been.

What is in short supply, I’m afraid, are visionary thinkers who will be capable of making sense of this abundance of stimuli — visionaries who will build the arenas to unleash the power of ideas and transform them into actions.

This, I believe, is where the disconnect between these ideas generating campaigns, and the real world as we’re experiencing in Ireland at the moment, exists.

As I pointed out in the previous posts, Ireland at the moment is not short of ideas, and at a macro level, we’re also not short of the cash that could help develop those ideas.

What is damagingly wrong is that there isn’t sufficient vision amongst those who control the government purse strings to see where the money rightly needs to be spent.

2 comments On Idea generating campaigns disconnect – Having ideas versus having a vision

  • I wrote this post before last weekend when we discovered that the Government have actually funded this current campaign to the tune of €300,000.

    On Twitter over the weekend, it was highlighted by Conor O’Neill that there were significantly better ways that this €300,000 could have been spent – in ways that would directly help job creating businesses rather than airy fairy publicity campaigns.

    The response from Padraig McKeon (member of the YCYC committee) to such comments was “why not suggest those as ideas in the YCYC competition”.

    And there we have it. It’s the ideas that are more important than any kind action to certain people in our country at the moment. The appearance of action without any action at the end of it all – but more on that later.

  • Diarmuid,

    I find it hard to disagree with the key point of your main post regarding vision

    Two points arising from your own comment if I may;

    1. YCYC is not “without any action at the end” as you suggest.

    In six month’s time the two best proposals will each be placed at the centre of a two year
    action programme to put them into action with further money to be spent on doing so.

    2. The option of just handing funds to existing ‘agencies’ assumes that YCYC is doing
    more of the same work they are doing. That is not the case. It is specifically not looking
    to fill in old templates and revisist / reuse old ideas and if it were, it would be criticised for
    that too. Neither is this competition about identifying specific business proposals `
    which result in the development of one product, or growing only one company’s work
    force – which I believe is generally the remit of the CEBs

    The entire premise of YCYC is that people have stopped thinking or even
    contemplating new ideas over the past ten years because they didn’t have to . Now they
    (or I sould say we) have to start thinking again and YCYC is a mechanic to
    stiumulate them in the regard, get them talking and if it leads there – start pushing the
    system for change, but on the basis of and with ideas for future exploitation that need that
    change rather than as a reaction to events in the past

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