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Interesting dilemma for Taxi Advisory Council member, Michael Kilcoyne of SIPTU

The Advisory Council of the Taxi Regulator is made up of members appointed by various different interest groups who are appointed by the Minister for Transport to advise the Commission for Taxi Regulation or the Minister himself as appropriate in relation to issues relevant to small public service vehicles and their drivers.

You can see the current membership of the Advisory Council here.

Breaking news last Friday evening was that SIPTU was to withdraw from this Advisory Council and would be boycotting further meetings of the body. This presumably is related to the ongoing taxi dispute and protests. This news story from The Irish Times explains:


The decision follows yesterday’s meeting of the Siptu taxi drivers branch where members complained they have derived no benefit from participation on the Advisory Council over the past six years.

“The decision to boycott the Council is based on the evidence that at no time have our members or taxi drivers generally derived any benefit from participation on this body,” said Siptu branch official Jerry Brennan.

“Nothing of any benefit has emerged from the Advisory Council. Any positive recommendations we have made have never progressed to any form of action,” he added.

The SIPTU appointee on the Advisory Council is Mr Peter Rogers – who as far as I can find out is the vice president of the SIPTU taxi branch.

I wonder what the other member SIPTU on the Advisory Council will be doing?

Though a nominee to the Taxi Advisory Council on behalf of the  Consumers Association of Ireland, Michael Kilcoyne is also a member of SIPTU – being the Sectoral Organiser of the Galway No. 1 Branch.

I wonder will Mr. Kilcoyne be standing beside his SIPTU brethren and also leave the Advisory Council and boycott future meetings, or will he stay on and continue to represent consumers (and keep pocketing the cash that he (and the CAI) gets for the gig)?

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