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Status Report of the Global Irish Economic Forum

I wrote about the Global Irish Economic Forum back around the time it was hosted, Diaspora, schmiaspora! How about the chickens who came home to roost?.

I wasn’t that impressed back then with what it was supposedly intending to achieve or the methods it was going about its task, and upon reading the status report which is now available on the Forum website here, I’m not seeing anything that can convince me that my original scepticism was misplaced.

For a great review of this status report, you should read this blog post from Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev, Why Farmleigh report falls flat.

At the moment, apart from these regional meetings referred to Dr. Gurdgiev, the most developed idea so far seems to be the Global Irish Internet portal being worked on by John McColgan. There’s a post over on Bock The Robber that covers that idea – Riverdance‚Äôs McColgan Comes Up with Internet Portal Idea.

The conclusion drawn by Dr. Gurdgiev:

What Farmleigh report does well, then? It shows a deep degree of incompetence and insecurity amongst the political and bureaucratic masters of Ireland Inc. It’s comprehensive lack of new ideas, lack of departure from the status quo are frustrating, especially since we know – many of those who were at Farmleigh last September really do have good ideas.

There’s those words again – the “status quo”.

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