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What have you done with your ECB interest rate windfall of up to €8000 in two years?

At the end of February last, the ECB announced that they were leaving interest rates at their historical low of 1%.

I first wrote about this “ECB interest rate windfall” back in November 2008 when, at that point in time, certain mortgage holders were up to €150 per month better off because of cuts in ECB rates.

My question at the time was what were mortgage holders who were benefiting from these rate cuts going to do with their money:

How’s your “rainy day” savings looking? Or are you planning a big Christmas and going to need a bit extra? Do you need to pay down other debts – credit cards, car loans, etc? Or could you overpay on your mortgage to reduce the term?

And yes, I appreciate that this article is limited to anyone who has a tracker mortgage in particular. However, the key thing was:

Whatever you do, don’t let this welcome extra money to be assimilated into your day to day spending. This money should be seen as a bonus, and should be treated differently to your “normal money” – make sure you get a decent longer term benefit from it.

Then, in May 2009, rates were cut again to the 1% rate they remain at now.

Depending on the size of your mortgage, you’re now paying between €5,000 and €8000 better off because of reduced monthly payments.

Where’s that money gone? Do you have any of it saved, or have other higher expenses and a higher tax take taken it all?

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