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More on Ireland’s Departure Tax

I wrote earlier this week about how, while I’m no fan of the governments departure tax, I don’t believe it can be blamed as much as it currently is for the woes in our tourism industry.

I questioned whether anyone actually knew which other countries charge a tourism tax as a way to illustrate how insignificant such a tax is when it comes to tourists deciding on where to visit.

I did some amount of web research trying to find a definitive listing of which countries charge a departure tax, but without much success. The waters are further muddied by the vast array of charges levied on air passengers (and again, probably unknowingly to most air passengers – just think DAA charges levied in Dublin as an example).

As an example, however, take the United Kingdom charges for example.

• For short-haul flights of less than 2,000 miles in economy-class – £11
• For journeys of between 2,001 miles and 4,000 miles – £45 for economy, £90 for business class and first class
• For journeys of 4,001 miles to 6,000 miles – £50 for economy and £100 for business and first class.
• For flights of more than 6,000 miles – £55 for economy and £110 for business and first class.

How do you feel now about our flat €10 tax?

If anyone can point me towards a listing of countries that charges an airport departure tax, drop me an e-mail via the Contact Page and I’ll publish the information here.

3 comments On More on Ireland’s Departure Tax

  • Thanks for that TheQ47! I hadn’t seen that page before – I was primarily searching for “departure tax”, but as you say, it’s a start.

  • Its honestly not the 10£ / € or $ charge but its the overall price.

    If a holiday trip to Ireland is overall (flight / hotel / etc) about double the price to a trip to Spain or Tunisia then not just a few people might choose the more competitive location.

    I can see it at present that not even tourists trips to Ireland are massively going back (and its mainly the cost) but also business partner refuse to fly to Ireland when they check the ticket prices and rather let me on their expenses fly to London or Amsterdam and meet there. Even with accommodation for 2 its still cheaper for them.

    A effect which worries me to is also for Irish going on holidays.
    an international direct holidays company
    1 week, 1person, same date, same hotel

    from .ie ex cork €1025.00pp
    ex dublin €1149.00pp

    from .co.uk
    ex gatwick £461pp

    Thats quite a nobrainer for me.

    But they will continue with it as long they get away with this.

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