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The Benefits of the Tax Saver Scheme with Dublin Bus

Here’s a great example how you should regularly review financial type decisions just in case things have changed – either the offers available or your own circumstances.

Sometime in the past, I had decided that it wouldn’t have been worth my while buying an annual Dublin Bus ticket through the Tax Saver scheme.

However, after looking at things again (particularly because of my increased use of public transport), I absolutely have to buy an annual ticket through the Tax Saver scheme – check out the savings I’m going to make below.

A saving of over €450 – what a fantastic boost for the savings! And that’s not even counting any extra journeys that I might take by bus at the weekends.

So there you go – just because you decided that something wasn’t worth your while in the past doesn’t mean you can’t find benefits now or in the future. Think back over your past financial decisions and see if you could revisit any of them to see if things have changed.

2 comments On The Benefits of the Tax Saver Scheme with Dublin Bus

  • If you also consider the hassle of not having the exact fare all the time, which can be a pain, or change tickets, which can mount up and get lost etc, it becomes even more appealing.

    I live close to the city but decided that I would get the yearly ticket, cos of the tax savings, the lack of hassle with money and being able to jump on any bus. In most cases as well, you get to be one of the first on the bus as the vast majority of people pay in cash (there are odd exceptions to that but not many). 🙂

  • I think you need to recalculate the number of days since you’re probably less likely to use the bus on your annual holidays or on public holidays. However, I did find myself using the bus at weekends (the annual ticket even covers nitelink) and even for short journeys that I might have walked and a bus just happened to come along at the right moment.

    If you’re someone that only occasionally travels, then an option like a 30 day ticket for €3.33 a day (the days don’t have to be continuous) or a Travel 90 ticket at €1.80 per journey (including multiple buses) might work out better. The Travel 90 is definitely worth it for almost everyone who travels more than a three or four kilometres or connects with other buses.

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