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Boo hoo – we’re being bullied by Tesco

I’m getting tired of the frequent coverage given to Tesco and how they’re operating, allegedly, in the Irish grocery market. I don’t care really that it’s mostly negative – they’re too big, they’re too powerful, they’re bulling customers, they’re bullying suppliers.

There’s a very very simple solution to all of this.

Don’t shop in Tesco.

If they’ve no customers, they’ve no power, they won’t be too big, and they won’t be able to bully customers and suppliers.

If we (and I mean Irish people here – or maybe just Irish journalists) have a problem with Tesco, stop shopping there. Things would soon change.

2 comments On Boo hoo – we’re being bullied by Tesco

  • I stopped shopping at Tesco years ago, in fact I raely shop in Supermarkets at all but I seem to be in the minority and making very little difference but I suppose I don’t get bullied. When I am spending my hard earned cash in any shop I expect to be treated as a valued customer whether it in a small outlet or part of a multi national chain. Did you know in the UK Tesco have a Director of Government Affiars , how scary is that ?

  • I am a independent retailer with a supermarket in Abbeyleix. I formerly traded as a Costcutter supermarket but I have recently moved back to being a totally independent supermarket with no allegiance to any symbol group. After at least two months of research regarding the wholesale price of goods from all the wholesalers trading in Ireland I found it was much better for my customer if I was to tap into all of this wholesale market.
    From 1984 to 2000 I traded as a independent supermarket chain with 12 supermarkets. I had a central distribution in Portlaoise and employed over 300 staff. Unfortunately the business had to be sold due to the Managing director being in poor health. I am the son of that very man and delighted to say he is now in good health and we have formed a new limited company together. This is the business I refer to as formerly being a Costcutter. Our decision to return to being independant has proven to be very good for our customers with many new customers shopping with us each day. The feedback is good and the customers are more than happy with the lower pricing we offer. Many of our new customers were formerly Dunnes Stores and Tesco customers and they feel they are now saving more on their groceries. We have sourced many new suppliers during the last three weeks and it will take a few more before our customers see the majority of the value we will be able to offer on a daily basis. One customer claimed she purchased the same goods from our shop in her weekly shopping and saved just over €30. I feel once all the stock from the new suppliers starts coming through the customers will see much greater savings.
    On top of this I feel I have some of the best anyone could ask. We have a very friendly and happy atmosphere in our store and we encourage our staff to interact with the customer and get to know them. In Clelands ou are not a number or in the way of the work that we are trying to do. You are our priority and we will endevour to satisfy your requirments no matter how small or large they may be.

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