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How to get free groceries – according to Dr. James Reilly, TD

There was an exchange in the Dail last week (as recorded on KildareStreet.com) where Dr. James Reilly, Fine Gael TD for Dublin North provided an insight into how consumers can get free groceries.

James Reilly
I wish to raise two matters. First, as a result of all the recent hospital bed closures around the country, people have to wait even longer for service and lie on trolleys for even longer then they did hitherto. Will the Taoiseach inform the House when the eligibility for health personal services Bill will be introduced? Will he consider inserting a provision in that Bill that if a person is waiting more than two hours in an accident and emergency department, he or she should not have to pay the fee of €100?

Bernard Durkan
Hear, hear!

James Reilly
There is a precedent for such a provision. If customers are waiting in some supermarkets for longer than 25 or 30 minutes, they will not have to pay for their groceries.

I must say, this is a new one on me. Does anyone know which supermarkets provide this service?

2 comments On How to get free groceries – according to Dr. James Reilly, TD

  • It’s probably one of the perks of being a TD. People just give you stuff. Shopkeepers, Developers, Random business men. It’s just a fact of life. Doesn’t it happen to everyone? No?

  • It’s been a while since I was in one, but I believe Superquinn did at one time offer some sort of benefit if you were waiting in a checkout queue longer than a specified time period. I’m not sure it was all your groceries free, though!

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