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emailtheceo.ie – relevant thoughts from Seth Godin

Last year I thought it’d be a good idea to start to gather a listing of e-mail addresses for senior managers and CEO’s of Irish companies so that used sparingly, consumers would have somewhere to go to escalate any problems with a companies customer service.

I’d like to create and maintain a listing of these contact details so that whenever you come to the end of the line with a companies customer support process, or if you’re being fobbed off, or being sent around the houses trying to get things sorted, then you can just take your issue to the top.

This will potentially have two effects. Firstly, you may get a renewed focus on your problem if the CEO actually follows up on your e-mail, and secondly, if these e-mails become frequent enough, they may actually realise that they’re running a shoddy service for consumers, thereby giving them the opportunity to do something about it.

If you check the webpage here, emailtheceo.ie, you’ll see that people weren’t all that interested in such an idea at all. Or maybe I just didn’t sell the idea properly.

I was struck by this post from Seth Godin, Spare no expense, when he wrote about the scenario when a CEO might get involved to solve a customers complaint – over the heads of the normal customer service channels.

The way Seth calls it, if a company is doing their job properly in meeting the needs of all their clients as part of their daily routine, then there’s no need to e-mail the CEO – getting into the “a journalist called so spare no expense to make this problem go away” mode.

I wonder, since I originally put that webpage together, has the customer service experience for Irish consumers gotten significantly better? As I write this, I’m trying to remember some major customer service issue recently, but can’t recall right now.

Has the customer service from Irish companies improved recently?

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