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Seth Godin, time watching TV and meeting your goals

A couple of weeks ago, I was struck by a blog post written by Seth Godin – But it’s better than tv. Seth wrote about the the alternatives that people have to watching tv, and how much could be achieved in the time that we normally spend watching tv.

Clay Shirky has noticed the trend of talented people putting five or six hours an evening to work instead of to waste. Add that up across a million or ten million people and the output is astonishing. He calls it cognitive surplus and it’s one of the underappreciated world-changing stories of our time.

Astonishing is the word. Even if we were to narrow this down to just Ireland, it’s a hell of a lot of hours. The number vary per year and by research article, but Irish tv viewing per week can average between 16 and 22 hours per week.

That’s potentially up to 77m hours of tv watching for the adult population of the country, per week alone. And a shed load of hours per year. Imagine what we could do, as a country, with all those hours.

Way back at the start of 2010, I wrote a blog post – New Year, New Priorities. In that post, I suggested that if people had priorities for 2010 that they should only do things that will help meet those ultimate priorities.

I have two particular (and private) priorities for 2010, but giving up tv is allowing me reach those priorities better in a more efficient way.

By cancelling my UPC television package, I’m both saving myself cash, and giving myself more hours to achieve my priorities. And the best thing, I don’t even miss the tv at all.

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