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Vodafone are added again to the ValueIreland Overcharging Hall of Shame

I missed out on publishing this addition to the Overcharging Hall of Shame back when it happened, but it’s worth remembering that it’s the highest profile businesses in Ireland that are ripping off their customers the most.

Back in this instance, Vodafone admitted to overcharging their customers. According to this news article,

It has emerged thousands of Vodafone customers were overcharged on their bills in error last week.

The problem was due to a processing mistake in relation to credit card direct debits.

Vodafone has said it has now reversed all charges, and refunded any additional charges that were incurred.

The company is apologising their customers, describing it as “an isolated incident”.

Their last line is curious – “an isolated incident”. Isolated for this week maybe, but not isolated in general for Vodafone – April 2009, December 2004, November 2004, and June 2004 were the 4 other incidents of Vodafone overcharging their customers.

Even better was the headline on other news websites – “Vodafone Overcharges Customers in Error”. Yup, cause they mostly do it on purpose?

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