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A top tip on making and receiving calls with your bank

Earlier this week, I posted some tips on what to do if you think you might be the target of a financial phishing scam. One tip there, to call your banks customer service line, reminded me of another tip I follow particularly myself.

Do you ever receive calls from your bank or your credit card company, or any other financial institution?

If they ask you first to prove that you are who they think you are, do you provide the information they ask for? Your address, your date of birth, your mothers maiden name?

Now, you’ve given them all the details necessary to prove who you are, but did you check that they are who they said they are? How can you be sure if it was the financial institution they said it was?

What if you’d lost your wallet or your phone recently? Would there be enough information there to allow someone find out which bank you dealt with?

I may be a little more paranoid than most when it comes to these things, if any of the financial institutions I ever deal with calls me, I’ll get a name and number, and I’ll call them back on their customer service line.

That way, at least I can be sure of who I’m talking to.

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