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Sneaky thieving shop assistants – the importance of checking your change

Probably what some of you might think is a bit of a simplistic topic, but in the past, I’ve written about the importance of checking your change when out shopping, and how there are sometimes certain tell tale signs that a shop assistant might be going to rip you off.

I can add a new one to that list now after an incident in a newsagent close to my work in Dublin 2.

If you think about it, most of the time when you get change in notes and coin format, the assistant will give it to you in the order of big notes on the bottom, graduated up to the smallest coin at the top of the pile.

That order makes it easy to check fairly quickly that you’re getting the correct change.

So, when you’re given the change in the reverse order, with the biggest note obscuring everything underneath, you should be a little wary.

Based on my recent experience, they are literally trying to hid something – that you’re €5 short in your change.

And the tell tale sign that you know they’re trying to rip you off – as soon as you’re even starting to question the short changing, they’re at the till pulling out the extra cash.

In this case, most tellingly, I only said that I thought the change was short. Without even checking the amount, the assistant gave me back the fiver I was short.

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