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Telling your clients from hell to take a hike

Back in April, I wrote a post Business owners – know when to give up on customers? where I question whether or not the customer was actually always right.

In response to that post, Leon from ReverbStudios made the following comment:

A subject close to my heart! “The customer is always right” saying is totally stupid these days and was probably never wise. To say that ignorant, demanding, non-paying customers are right is ridiculous in the extreme.

You do need to be professional and not personal though. My tip for avoiding saying the wrong thing in the heat of the moment is to just wait a while. Do nothing unless you can do it with a clear, calm head.

With regard to helping the client find another company after you fire them, you should yes but also warn the new company that the customer might be difficult otherwise you’ll make enemies of peer businesses!

Non-paying customers is a topic very close to my heart with years of experience seeing customers avail of ones services and then simply refuse to pay. You sometimes think that you’d love to have the hard neck to do as they do, but then you just realise that it really is no way to do business.

All you can hope for is that at some stage, what goes around, comes around and that such customers “get theirs”.

With all that in mind, this website – Clients from Hell – is definitely worth a read for a chuckle.

1 comments On Telling your clients from hell to take a hike

  • What I’d like to see is a site where dodgy clients/businesses are named and shamed. It might have to be anonomously but it would need some kind of quality control.

    I used to name and shame my own dodgy clients but stopped in fear that some might find out where I live! I didn’t want to get a name as someone who people were afraid to hire either..

    Nice to see a hall of shame here..

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