Call to action for ASAI, CAI, NCA and Fine Gael

In the three years since I set up the website, many people have talked a good game with regards to the misleading descriptions given to Lo Call and Call Save telephone numbers for those calling on landlines and mobiles using bundled minutes, and the extra costs incurred by consumers.

In the course of those 3 years, the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland, the Consumers Association of Ireland, the National Consumer Agency and Leo Varadkar of Fine Gael have all talked about this issue, generally passed the buck, and universally done nothing.

Now it their chance to actually do something concrete on behalf of Irish consumers. Obviously, given what I’ve written about all these organisations in the past, I’m not too hopeful that they’ll actually do anything, but sure let’s see.

I’m calling on these four organisations to follow the lead of and to submit their own feedback to ComReg on the back of the Consultation Paper that I wrote about here yesterday.

As users of this site, if you want to be part of the submission, please contact me here with your thoughts and comments on the proposals in the Consultation Paper and I’ll included them in the feedback I send ComReg.


Click here for the Website.

Click here for the Website.


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