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More on buying Irish – cause and effect

Following up on my post yesterday about buying Irish, there was a follow up e-mail from the same reader with the following comments:

You might add a couple of other comments to the email. Since the increase in cross border shopping and the change in purchasing from Tesco to source their goods from the UK, we have seen unemployment grow by more than 50%.

We have a serious race to the bottom in Ireland and the consumer seems to think this is a good thing and they expect the retailer to constantly reduce prices.

Yet the worker in Ireland also expects to earn much better salaries than available in the UK or elsewhere in Europe. It is not possible to have it both ways.

Something has to give and appears it is through job losses, reduced quality of food products and reduced customer service.

Is this really the future we want in Ireland? I reckon if everyone in Ireland decides they are going to support Irish businesses and Irish goods we will recover from this recession as a stronger nation with a much more sustainable future.

Keep up the work and I like the new web site. It is very well presented and much easier to follow.

Again, nice to get the compliments, and while I can’t be sure of the correlation between the Tesco sourcing decision and the direct impact on Irish jobs, I’ve always maintained that we have to look to our own jobs and how much we might depend on other peoples buying habits to support us and how we should in return look at our own buying decisions and how they impact on the jobs of others in Ireland.

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