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Readers E-mail: Fine Gael Jobs Proposal

This e-mail came through from a ValueIreland.com reader some time ago, but I’m only getting a chance to publish now. What do you think?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am enthralled by the continuous claims being made by Fine Gael with regard to creating thousands of new jobs if they were to get into power. How could it be that Fine Gael know how to do this and yet the government are unable to come up with such magnificent plans? Do Fine Gael have some strange ability to see what the government are unable to see?

Why is this government ignoring these ideas if they are worthwhile considering?

I fear this government is running scared and and feel they are unable to retrieve the situation and get it under control. At present they are negotiating with the Trade Unions which are behaving like terrorists by making threats on a daily basis.

This is no way to behave during times of financial trouble. True it is not the fault of the employees of the Public Sector that this country is costing too much to run on a daily basis. It is in fact a combination of the Trade Unions and the government that these employees have gained such large increments over the past decade that they now have financial commitments that do not allow them to absorb these reductions in salary.

However, it is also fair to say that these same employees are reasonably secure in employment and do not have the same security worries as being experienced on a daily basis in the private sector. Although this is no excuse for claiming the reductions in salary across the board in the Public Sector are justified.

I would like to know why Trade Union subscriptions are tax deductible. Would the Trade Unions have as many members if these payments were taxable? I feel the membership of these Unions would be possibly halved if this was to be the case.

Isn’t it time the Trade Unions told their members the real truth about the state of the countries finances. Ireland is spending too much money on a daily basis to pay for Public services. We have some employees in the Public and Civil service that are too well paid for the hours they work. We have frontline services suffering due to overstaffing in administration and senior management level.

Why do we need 166 T.D’s when 78 would be sufficient? This would give each county 3 T.D’s. These T.D’s should be forced to spend their time running the country and not in local clinics or going to funerals trying to secure votes. Votes should be secured by doing what we are all paying them to do. There are thousands of areas in Public expenditure which could be reduced without having to reduce anymore salaries in the lower to middle income earners in the Public Sector.

The HSE is purchasing products such as toilet rolls, liquid hand cleanser and hundreds of other products which are being sourced from outside Ireland. Why do we not have a factory in Ireland to manufacture these goods and supply the HSE among other businesses? It would create thousands of jobs through manufacturing and supply.

Ireland is a agricultural land and yet we allow so many goods that are being grown in Ireland to be imported into this country. It is time this government got behind the farming community and started to grow more produce to prevent or reduce the import of these goods. Manufacturing plants could be set up to process and package these goods into strongly branded Irish goods. A wholesaling and distribution division could also be formed to sell to the retailers in Ireland and retailers globally.

The possibilities are endless. All it takes is for the government to provide good financial incentives to producers and farmers. With the correct implementation of these incentives we will eventually become a stronger economy less dependent on foreign direct investment. We will become a sustainable economy with a much brighter future and one in which will become a better place to live and work.

Every cloud has a silver lining and this could be our silver lining if the government are willing to help get people back to work. It will not happen overnight but it could happen reasonably quickly. It would release the pressure being put on the employees in the Public Sector to take more cuts in their salaries. I would also suggest reviewing the performance of some senior Public and Civil Service employees.

I do not think they are all doing the work they claim. If they were we would not be in the mess we are in right now. It is unfair on the honest hard working employees within this sector to punish them for the behaviour of the few hundred or thousand that are not pulling their weight.

Ireland with less than 50,000 unemployed and a happy and prosperous population in excess of 5 million sounds like a good place to be. It is up to every person in Ireland to ensure this government gives us this future.

2 comments On Readers E-mail: Fine Gael Jobs Proposal

  • I don’t think it’s a runner setting up a factory to, for example, make toilet paper for the HSE. We all know that with the minimum wage and all the other reasons the shops give us for high prices that we couldn’t produce these goods at competitive prices, and the HSE would be obliged under EU rules to put it out to tender and select the cheapest bidder.

    Regarding the Dail, I agree, the numbers should be halved, but the turkeys/Christmass rule applies here.

    On the public service, I think there is a sizeable minority here (note that I said “minority”) that treat it as a holiday camp with extended tea breaks, chats around the water cooler and anything else to avoid work, the kind of stuff that over time would lead to the sack in the private sector. For a lot of the public sector, working hours are also unbelievably generous – while private sector workers generally work 40 hour weeks, or sometimes down to 37.5, I think a lot of the public sector has much fewer working hours. Bottom line is – the basic reasoning of any household budget is: you can’t spend more than you have coming in. We are spending a huge amount more, supporting a lot of dead weight and inefficiencies, but again the turkey/Christmas rule applies, as it’s the Civil Service mandarins directing the politicians. As case in point is the long drawn out delay in implementing the tax on car spaces, which (coincidentally!) a lot of public servants have.

  • “I fear this government is running scared and and feel they are unable to retrieve the situation and get it under control. At present they are negotiating with the Trade Unions which are behaving like terrorists by making threats on a daily basis.”

    We need to throw out this government. Ireland is going to become A) a transparent country B) a bankrupt one, or C) Both!

    That much seems certain. I hope for much more transparency at least but I wouldn’t count on it either. But this government is now so interwoven with corruption, that financial markets would probably welcome a change. Cowen getting drunk doesn’t help, but then maybe it’s the drink of a captain that’s going down with the ship. Whatever it is, this government needs to be ousted ASAP. The alternative, though not particularly much better, would be preferable to anything with that much shit all over it.

    Brian Lenihan is the answer to the sheep – the same sheep that forgave FF for the Eircom park debacle, the same sheep that bought into overpriced homes, and the same sheep that are now going to buy into the FF- hope – Brian lenihan sham. I hope he gets over his cancer and good luck to him with that, but if people vote FF to vote for him, as yet another form of their pathetic escapism (people in this country are pathetic at times) – everything’s gonna be just fine…- then they’ll get what they deserve.. AGAIN. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it. The history of the 20th century is not one of technology, or medicine, or war, it will be recorded as the era of the banks, usury, the banking system, and I believe FF will be recorded as a party that had noble intentions and started off well, but was hijacked by banking minions. They’re tainted and they know it. They need to go!

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