– 7 years old today

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me. It’s 7 years ago this morning that was first published, right around about this time actually.

If I remember, the site actually got a mention on 2fm that morning as well resulting in a grand total of 66 visitors that day. Things have moved on a fair bit with the site since then – in terms of content, structure, and daily visitors.

Since I started this website, the tag line has been “Better Purchasing Decisions through Better Information”.  From that day in 2003 when there was only one other website (a forum on providing information to Irish consumers, following in the wake of the trailblazing ValueIreland, there are now more than 100 Irish consumer websites out there.

If consumers don’t have enough information available to them now to allow them make better purchasing decisions, I don’t know what more can be done.

Thank you to everyone who visit each day, and to those who read via RSS and Twitter. I hope what you read here is of interest, and more particularly of help to you as an Irish consumer.

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