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Dear future Fianna Fail leader, how to secure a future for your Fianna Fail party!

First of all, to declare my hand here. I’m not a Fianna Fail party supporter, but nor am I tied to any other party. In the last local elections I voted ABFF, and will vote that way again.

This post, however, is inspired by what I see as being a huge opportunity for whomever may become the future leader of Fianna Fail.

I’m not all that bothered whether he or she may do this, but I’m intrigued by the possibilities available to some senior Fianna Fail TD right now to secure something of a future for the party – even in the short term (since we know, long term, Fianna Fail are likely to be as easily destroyed as a cockroach by a nuclear holocaust).

Bear with me! My assumptions here are the things will go as we’ve been most recently told by Fianna Fail (and we know how much we can believe in that). They’ll try to pass the budget, they’ll put the 4 year plan in motion, they’ll dump Brian Cowen early in the New Year just before they call a General Election.

Crying out

As far as I see right now, the opportunity is there for a Fianna Fail TD with true integrity (another assumption, I know) to stand up and say, ENOUGH!

While some of this might just be semantics, picture the scene if Michael Martin (for example, could be anyone – Mary Hanafin to throw a real spanner in the works) was to take over from Brian Cowen right now. Whomever takes over from Brian Cowen now has 2-3 months of an almost free hand that they won’t get for maybe another 4-5 years.

Lets say that person takes over now, seizes the opportunity to actually cause some real change – change that’s been avoided by Fianna Fail for the last decade. Not only could they do the party some potential good in the shorter term, it could also make that new FF leader a viable and almost credible leader of the opposition for the next couple of years.

What to do?

Lets say their first action is as leader of FF and Taoiseach was to issue a full and honest mea culpa.

“Yes, we fucked up. Yes, we looked after our own interests first. Yes, we also got carried away on a wave of money, distracted with a sense of our own importance and our own personal needs and desires, and the needs of our friends in the Fianna Fail tent. But it all ends here.”

Damn it, they don’t even have to mean it, they just have to say it and duck the shitstorm for a while. It’s done. There’ll be a lot of people out there who’ll hear it, and be happy. Never mind that it’s just optics – as a party political ploy, it’d work. They’re not going to win an election anyway, so saying it won’t damage them any more.

But it would give the new leader a very strong start.

What else?

There are, in my opinion anyway, a number of things that a new Fianna Fail leader could do in the next 2-3 months before an election that would put them in excellent standing, personally, during their period as leader of the opposition.

There is probably some clarity and honest needed on the forthcoming budget and the 4 year plan, but there are those more qualified than me to comment there. However, there are four very simple things that could be done:

  1. Immediately cut pay, pensions and expense entitlements of government ministers, TD’s, and senators. For some, cuts of up to 50% of salaries should be instated. Make the Taoiseach be paid the same as some other IMF bailed out countries.
  2. Scrap the “Croke Park” agreement and start cutting salaries and staff in the civil & public service, and in the semi-state organisations and quangos. Given our situation now, there’s scope for pay cuts of up to 50% possible here across many senior people.
  3. Reinstate the Freedom of Information Act to the format that it was before it was savaged by Fianna Fail previously. Not only that, but expand it to the critical areas that it currently excludes – such as the Gardai, NAMA, and a personal bugbear, the National Consumer Agency. In fact, anywhere that depends on the State for it’s continued operation should be included – “he who pays the piper, calls the tune”.
  4. Finally, open up all cabinet documentation right up to 31st December, 2010. Don’t wait for the 30 or 20 year rules to make the documentation available. Make the information available now to allow anyone who wants to dig into what really happened.

Then pass a budget. And call an election.

The Fianna Fail leader that does even these four simple things wouldn’t negate everything from the past 10 years, but they’d definitely distinguish themselves as being different to those that went before.

It’d also, more importantly for all of us, actually give us a leader of the opposition of some substantial standing for the next few years.

4 comments On Dear future Fianna Fail leader, how to secure a future for your Fianna Fail party!

  • Cowen won’t go until they fail in the election, none of the other tds will want to be leader going into an election they have no hope of winning.
    He will lead them and then announce his resignation when they lose so many sits

  • Interesting proposition, but I think that Neidi is probably more accurate in their predictions on how things are going to pan out.

    In the words of some gun-toting actor, “out of my cold dead hands”.

  • Hi
    Another great post – do they have the courage to do as you ask – my gut feeling says no there is not one memebr of the political parties that have the honesty and courage to do what is right.
    Now is the time and the opportunity – the power of truth -is what is required so who in the current FF or any other party has this courage to lead?

  • I e-mailed Minister Michael Martin about this blog post last night. Twice 🙂

    So, he has it at his personal FF address, and at his Oireachtas address. It’d be interested to see if a) the e-mail makes it past his “handlers”, and b) if he replies.

    It’d be even more amazing if he was to actually do anything – though, now that he doesn’t have Dermot Ahearne to worry about, he’d have less competition.

    Anyone want to send the details on to Mary Hanafin as well?

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