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Beware bogus calls coming from 042 939 4599 – it’s NOT legit

A ValueIreland.com reader alerted me to some dodgy goings ons regarding the phone number 042 939 4599. They had received a missed call on their mobile from the number, and not knowing anyone in the Dundalk / Monaghan area, they googled the number.

Based on numerous testimonies on various different websites, any calls coming from this number are a scam.

According to this website, the callers are saying their from the ESB, Eircom and sometimes from AIB. More worryingly, when calling for AIB they’re asking for personal banking information.

An easy way to avoid these kinds of calls in future is to actually store this number in your phone now, and given it the name “scam” or “do not answer”. That should prevent you from mistakenly answering any calls from that number in future.

I’ve written before also about how to handle calls that you receive from your bank, or any company that you do actually deal with. Because you can never be too careful these days, if you ever do receive a call from one of your service providers (particularly an unexpected one), ask them for their name, what the call is in connection with, and if they wouldn’t mind if you called them back.

Since most companies now will show on your phone as a private, or blocked, number you can’t always be sure that the call you’re receiving is from who they say they are.

Therefore, it’s always better to call them back on a number that you know is theirs, and ask to speak to the person who originally called you.

Finally, never give any details to someone who calls you saying they’re from your bank or mobile company or any other service provider.

Normally, the call might go something like this:

Them: Hi, this is Derek from XYZ company. I’m calling you today about some irregularities on your account.
You: Okay, what can I do for you.
Them: First, I need to confirm that I’m speaking to the right person. Can you please give me your name, date of birth, and mothers maiden name.

I can tell you from experience that no company representative will accept the “well, you called me, so you must know who I am – my details are right there beside the phone number you just used” response.

As I said above, in these situations, better to take the persons name, any reference number they may have, and call them back on a number you know to be linked to the company concerned.

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