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Top Tip when dealing with electronic boarding passes online

It’s a few months now since a discussion on Twitter with a few people about how to best manage your tickets and boarding passes online.

A popular suggestion was to print the tickets and boarding passes a few times when they first become available on the airlines websites.

The consensus, however, seemed to be to print your boarding to a PDF file to save on your computer and then to reprint as required.

To be fair, this might be more for the more techie persons amongst us, but there are two simple things that you could use/install on your computer to help you with this.

The first is to install the excellent (and free) PrimoPDF on your computer. It basically adds a new printer to your listing of printers, to which you can print your documents.

Alternatively, there is the Web2PDF application which you can install on your web browser. This will put a button on the browser that you click when your boarding pass or ticket is onscreen, and it’ll create a PDF file of the document.

A final tip for handling these PDF files is to e-mail them to yourself to an e-mail account that you can access remotely just in case you need it after you’ve left home.

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