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A reminder of the cost implications when calling 1890 numbers

This e-mail came through from a user of the SayNoTo1890.com website recently:

This may be of interest to you. I’ve a revenue demand (which my pay roll dept insists is revenue’s mistake) which gives an enquiry line 1890 203070.

It’s a sooper-dooper system where you tell the computer your pps, it repeats the wrong number to you and you try again etc. Then you get the option of telling the computer the extension number you want (which you obviously were not told). Finally you are given a list of options and you have to repeat the option you want.

This would be fine if the list of options contained other than three seconds of silence followed by ‘None of the Above’. I’m glad I wasn’t ringing from a mobile!

Of course, that’s the beauty of SayNoto1890.com – you can get the geographical alternative for that 1890 203070 Revenue number and save yourself on the cost of calling them.


Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.
Click here for the SayNoTo1890.com Website.

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