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Saving money during sales – keeping an eye on receipts

I had coffee this week with someone who has a similar interest in consumer affairs as myself. They were highlighting something that seems so simple, but something they said that they’ve encountered a number of times recently.

They were pointing out how many shops are having almost non-stop sales at the moment, and if they’re selling something that we actually need at a cheaper price, then great.

But they mentioned that these constant sales, and frequent price changes and price reductions, can cause problems for the staff in these stores.

Many times they just can’t keep the price labels on the items themselves up to date with the posters that might be up around the shop.

This means that while the headline poster above the items may say a certain price, it’s not always guaranteed that the barcode label with the item itself would be also updated to the same price.

Their advice was to be vigilant when at the till to make sure that the price rung up on the cash register is the price highlighted back on the rail in the shop.

Yes, a simple thing, but something that can mean we’re not being overcharged when we’re actually expecting to save money.

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