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Top Twitter Tips for Grocery Shopping

Back in early April, Margaret E. Ward (@MargaretEWard) put out the call on Twitter for some tips on what to do, or not do, when out grocery shopping. I believe she was going onto the Tubridy radio show (@TubridyTweets) to talk about such things. 

I thought it might be worthwhile to bring together the best of those Twitter tips forwarded on to Margaret at that time.

  • Use Pigsback.com grocery coupons – Oh I think the coupons on Pigsback.com are fantastic (get link), I got discount of my sun dishwasher tablets yesterday & super milk, they’re fab (@AineOFarrell)
  • Beware of % extra free deals – Watch out for 50% extra free nonsense. Price per kilo is best guide, less room for entrapment (JoyceHickey)
  • Bring a calculator – bring a calculator when shopping…seriously, 3 special offers of same product but varied quantities, had to work out cheap one (@MitchellNicola)
  • Keep an eye on special offers – This ValueIreland page might help #groceryshopping > list of supermarket grocery special offers updated each week (put in actual link) (@ValueIreland)
  • But beware of offers too good to be true – it’s an obvious one but don’t be blinded by special offers. Always check the unit cost of the item (€x per kg). (@lecraic)
  • Ignore multi-packs – Only buy what you need – ignore multibuys. (Except for books where gluttony is encouraged. Books are groceries, right?) (@jenny_heller)
  • Buy non-perishables in bulk – look out for worthwhile deals on your household standards and stock up your freezer/pantry/etc. (@zenbuffy)
  • Know the science of supermarket pricing – The best value deals are on products you consume at a fixed rate. Beware of expandable consumption (@conalhenry)
  • Make a shopping list – Make a list before you go – stick to it, avoid supermarket’s ploys – fresh bread, fast music and POS temptations! (@Clodaghdc)
  • Save time and help others – Save time by helping the person in front unload their trolley so they can pack. Especially if they have a kid (@JoyceHickey)
  • Don’t go shopping when hungry – make sure to eat before you go grocery shopping!! (@jenblogsbooks)
  • Leave the kids at home – Another tip don’t take your kids shopping with you if you can avoid it as they can’t avoid temptation & want junk (@SimonPRepublic)
  • Shop alone – top tip is don’t shop with your partner or toddler! Quieter & I can stick to my list then, done in 10 minutes (@PaulMWatson)
  • Shop in only one store – shop in one supermarket, so you know where everything is: that way you are less likely to impulse buy. (@mswolfie)
  • Shop online – It stops you putting all those unnecessary extras into your trolley. #outofsightisoutofmind (@taunyagrogan)
  • Do a “main” shop, not lots of “mini” shops – don’t go for a few bits and pieces, you always end up spending more (@Avoidanceman)
  • Shop late in the day – go shopping close to closing time, they always have specials on (@Avoidanceman)
  • Walk to the shops – if possible, shop local, shop daily, walk to shop – spend less. ps the walking to bit is important ….. arm ache of heavy bags, minimises excess buying. 🙂 (@talentcoop)
  • Shop local – I shop in local butchers and get deals buying a few items at once, ends up cheaper than supermarket, meat and service is better too (@IrelandGuide)
  • Only bring the money that you’ll need – Bring out only the cash to cover your shopping list (@Sinabhfuil)
  • Delegation – get someone else to do it (the shopping that is) (@siobhwithafada)

I think I’m in agreement with most of those tips – though maybe not the one that suggests shopping in only one store. With our retail grocery market the way it is at the moment (mostly non-competitive), it is important to keep an eye out on the special offers available across the different stores each time you go shopping. They vary widely across stores, so if you have the ability to shop across different stores, you’ll possibly save more.

What do you think? Do you agree with these? Do you have any other tips or tricks that you use when you’re doing your grocery shopping?

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