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New Aviva car insurance advert is discouraging shopping around – ignore them

Lots of people had a good laugh at Mary Harney way back when she encouraged us all to shop around. Now though, at a time when our choices for buying financial products is reducing all the time, we’ll only be the poorer for the less choices available.

And as I’ve written about before here, there are very good tactics that can be employed when it comes to shopping around for car insurance. Shamefully however, these are legitimate consumer tactics that Aviva are trying to get their current and potential customers to avoid.

I really hate this kind of advertising, trying to treat us consumers as if we’re idiots and pretending that they, big business, really only have our interests at heart.



Last time I saw this was when Advance Pitstop ran an advert in 2005 entitled “Shopping Around Leaves me Exhausted”, trying to give the same discouraging tone towards shopping around. And even back then, I was able to find that shopping around only amongst their own outlets, I could get hugely varying prices.

As consumers, we have to stick to our guns and play these companies at their own game. We should be ringing up Aviva, getting the 10% discount offer, and then using that price to try to get another better offer from another company, or another broker.

Get at least 5 car insurance quotes before buying or renewing. If Aviva are still cheaper after that, go with them. But I’d be surprised. If they were going to be cheaper anyway, they wouldn’t need to resort to this crass type of advertising.

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