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New phishing e-mail, referring to Arnotts, allegedly from Bank of Ireland 365

This is a new one on me – a phishing e-mail referring to a bank (Bank of Ireland 365) and another company (a refund from Arnotts apparently).

If you're reading this, you're probably on a PC with internet filtering, or a poor connections, so you're missing a picture of a phishing e-mail allegedly from Bank of Ireland
Phishing email allegedly from Bank Of Ireland

There are two key thing to watch out for here to confirm that it’s a bogus phishing e-mail. Firstly, the image that’s supposed to be in the e-mail with (probably) the Bank of Ireland logo isn’t showing up properly. And secondly, by hovering your mouse over the link that you’re supposed to click, you can see that it isn’t anything to do with Bank of Ireland, or Arnotts.

Definite scam!

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