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When complaining, be direct, polite and clear on what can be done to fix your problem

From the Execupundit blog which I regularly enjoy, the advice below for how to complain to a business about poor quality, service or value for money, was published a week or so ago. It was particularly timely as a work colleague had earlier been bemoaning the fact that he wasn’t able to complain anonymously about problems he was having with his gym.

His concerns centered on what the reaction might be from the gym management if he was to give honest feedback – i.e. complain – about the quality of their service, and particularly the value for money of their offering.

Go to them. When you are not happy with a business experience, don’t tweet your disdain, go to them and explain the problem. Then ask for a resolution. Not happy with your grade on that paper? Skip the snarky Facebook status and go to them. Articulate your concerns and walk through how you might improve. Boss not so understanding of the problem you are facing? As satisfying as the social burn may be, why not exercise your diplomatic skills and try to improve you lot by having a meaningful discussion?

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