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The Consumer Manifesto – a model from elsewhere to be admired

A while ago I wrote about putting together a “consumer manifesto” – a declaration of the intentions, beliefs and demands that would represent Irish consumers in 2013. My rough draft at the time was as follows:

If you provide us with what we ask for at a fair price, with acceptable quality and service with a smile, we’ll pay you what you ask, on time, and we’ll thank you kindly and move on.
If things go wrong, we’ll politely ask your help, so we’d like you to sort things out as quickly as possible.
And assuming we’re straight with you, please don’t always be sneakily trying to get one over on us.

In my research on what others might be doing along the same lines, I did come across something called “The Social Customer Manifesto”:

The Social Customer Manifesto

• I want to have a say.

• I don’t want to do business with idiots.

• I want to know when something is wrong, and what you’re going to do to fix it.

• I want to help shape things that I’ll find useful.

• I want to connect with others who are working on similar problems.

• I don’t want to be called by another salesperson. Ever. (Unless they have something useful. Then I want it yesterday.)

• I want to buy things on my schedule, not yours. I don’t care if it’s the end of your quarter.

• I want to know your selling process.

• I want to tell you when you’re screwing up. Conversely, I’m happy to tell you the things that you are doing well. I may even tell you what your competitors are doing.

• I want to do business with companies that act in a transparent and ethical manner.

• I want to know what’s next. We’re in partnership…where should we go?

I think this is great. There are potentially one or two items I’d remove, but in general I think the tone and content is brilliant. So, back to the drawing board with me and my rough draft maybe.

PS: If you like that Social Customer Manifesto and you’re interested in customer care in general, you might be interested in the rest of the Social Customer blog in general. Read more here and sign up.


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