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Buy Irish Resources ValueIreland.comOver the years I’ve gathered a series of useful links here on the ValueIreland.com website. including blog posts, articles and resources related to multiple Buy Irish campaigns. These were gathered together on my Buy Irish Resources Page.

I was reminded to tidy that “ValueIreland.com Buy Irish Page” recently when I read an article published last month on The Journal, Can’t resist the deals at the supermarket? Here’s why we should be buying local.

In response to that article, The Journal posted a poll, Do you make an effort to buy Irish products? Based on feedback I’ve had to some of my articles proposing buying Irish over the years, I was surprised to see a 71% response in favour of people buying Irish.

Lots of times, the response is that people won’t buy Irish because things are just too expensive, or aren’t of sufficient quality. I don’t believe that those factors are always the case now, given some of the amazing products of excellent quality and very good value that are made in Ireland these days.

Why I Buy Irish

As per this article here written a number of years ago, these comments from both of those articles pretty much sum up what we should be looking for when buying Irish:

Personally if a product is Irish and is on par with a non Irish product I will always pick the Irish. However if an Irish product is inferior I would never buy it just because it is Irish, I know that some people do that and that is just promoting mediocrity.

I make my decisions based on a number of factors. I do tend to opt for the Irish option unless it’s prohibitively expensive.

Buy Irish Resources on ValueIreland.com

Check out this ValueIreland.com Buy Irish Page. There are a number of interesting articles there that promote why we should be buying local. There’s also an interesting history of links showing the efforts made over the years, now defunct, in trying to encourage consumers to buy more Irish products.

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