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Fine Gael Declares War on Useless Regulators

Eventually Fine Gael were going to come up with a decent idea – and yesterday it was announced that “Kenny declares €50m war against quangos“. I’ve been pretty critical over the past couple of years about the dozens (and increasing number) of useless government created organisations which are effectively sub-contracted to do the job of […]


Useless Regulators – Another new one – I’m losing track

Thanks to Tom Raftery for this one. He’s referring to an Irish Independent article – Internet tsar to make children’s surfing safer. A noble aspiration obviously, but as pointed out by Tom, the article has the following statement: Although it will have no power to fine internet service providers, Mr Lenihan said that he would […]


First groceries, now management companies – the useless NCA strikes again!

The National Consumer Agency recently communicated the publication of their “Guide to Buying and Living in a Multi-Unit Development Property in Ireland”. According to the Chief Executive of the fuckers* Ann Fitzgerald: “We trust that they will be of great use and benefit to consumers in identifying and working through their commitments and responsibilities in […]


What’s the point of the Financial Regulator?

If anyone was in any doubt about it, here’s a perfect example of why Irish consumers are suffering under the weight of a huge number of useless regulators in this country. Last week, the Irish Independent has an article entitled “Watchdog: ‘rates should be displayed’. At a time when the banks were slowly but surely […]


Tinkering Around the Edges – Budget 2009

That’s about the sum total of my thoughts on Budget 2009 from Brian Lenihan. Lots of messing around here and there, but nothing that really stands out as addressing the causes, or resolving the impact, of the problems that we’re faced with. With regards to state agencies, you may have heard that the plan is […]


Fine Gael – Streamlining Goverment

I’ve had a couple of e-mails from people drawing my attention to the publication of the Fine Gael policy document, Streamlining Government. All of which is extremely noble and much needed given my constant problem with the number of useless regulators we have that do absolutely nothing for Irish consumers. It’s worth having a look […]


How safe is your data and identity?

Last week saw a further incidence of a financial institution losing client information, this time on a USB memory stick. This time, Bank of Ireland lost the bank account numbers, first line of address and contact details of nearly 1000 clients. Hands up how many amongst you have their own personal sensitive details on a […]


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