What is ValueIreland all about?

ValueIreland.com is an Irish consumer blog that aims to help Irish consumers make “Better Purchasing Decisions Through Better Information”.

ValueIreland.com was set up by me in 2003 and continues to be the primary internet based information resource for Irish consumers. Click here to read more on the History of ValueIreland.com.

My aim is to provide consumer related news, opinion, research, resources, tips, links and warnings that will assist and benefit Irish consumers.

I do have a “real job” in order to pay the bills – I work as an IT professional in the Financial Services industry in Ireland.

I used to be a director and council member of the Consumer Association of Ireland Council but was unfortunatley left with no option but to resign in November 2008 because of inactivity within the Association for the previous 2 years and an inability to properly carry out director functions due to secrecy within the Association board and management.

For 6 months in early 2009, I wrote a weekly column on consumer affairs, personal finance and money saving tips for the Irish News of The World. I also contribute regularly on Ireland AM on TV3, as well as numerous other national and local radio stations.

ValueIreland.com operates a Privacy Policy, a Comments Policy and is a supporter of the 10 Rules of Online Customer Respect.

News & Opinion

ValueIreland.com is updated daily during the week with news and opinion related to consumer affairs in Ireland. These updates are available directly to your e-mail inbox, or via our RSS Feed subscription service.Click here to learn more about how to get these regular updates.

Tips & Advice

On a regular basis, ValueIreland.com will publish articles in its TopTips series. Under the tagline of “A euro saved is a euro earned”, these TopTips will save you money every time you spend your hard earned cash.


From time to time, ValueIreland.com will publish research that it carries out in the interests of Irish consumers. On many occasions, this research is that which will not be seen elsewhere. The research will be regularly updated as and when the research conditions and scenarios dictate.


The ValueIreland.com links page is a key resource for Irish consumers. It provides consistently updated links of online internet resources of relevance to Irish consumers.


I do not receive any financial assistance from any company or organisation in order to run ValueIreland.com. Unlike other consumer organisations, I do not receive, and subsequently waste, any government funding, or fees and expenses from government quangos or state agencies. ValueIreland.com does not accept specific advertising or sponsorship from any source. All expenses required to manage this website are funded from my own personal finances.

ValueIreland.com believes that to accept any such financial assistance would endanger its complete editorial independence and its ability to best watch out for the interests of Irish consumers in the face of all challenges – government, business, retailers, quangos and other supposed independent consumer organisations.

ValueIreland.com does present a number of Google Adsense panels in order to gain some small earnings in order to partially offset the costs of running the website – domain costs and hosting fees. These content of these adverts are outside of our control, and the presence of any particular advert anywhere on the website in one of these panels does not necessarily indicate a recommendation from ValueIreland.com.

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