Best studio for Miniature Painting Service

Painting Studio is a professional miniature painting service studio with educated full-time painters. You can be sure that you’ll get stylish quality painted models for a fair price. We work with any game systems Warhammer 40000, Age of Sigmar, Perpetuity the Game, Fantasy Battles, Middle Earth, Kingdom Death, Guild Ball, and much further. Indeed if your favorite system isn’t on the list, we will reluctantly paint it taking all your conditions into account. We’re always ready to paint huge armies, we aren’t hysterical of large time-consuming systems and giant models by Forge World and Kingdom Death. Choose Painting Studio – trust your models to professionals. We borrow an individual approach to each design, still, we added some samples of models painted by us for your convenience. Painting time depends on the chosen painting quality. For Display Quality, we always go a redundant afar and put all our energy, creativity, and imagination to achieve the stylish result possible. Using all available tools and ways we produce a unique model that will satisfy all your demands. Display Quality pricing is bandied for every single model collectively. Painting Studio works worldwide. We use a special quilting system and cases that will cover the model in its way to you. We use public post services (like USPS, UPS, and others), but we can always bandy indispensable shipping styles if necessary. Payment is made formerly all commission details are bandied and agreed upon.

Our studio features:

Painting Studio was conceived as a design “for the people”. When we’ve created the studio in 2015 we didn’t plan to come to a studio that paints only collector’s pieces. The fleetly growing community demanded affordable but high-quality miniature painting service – and we offered exactly what people wanted. Speed, high quality, fair prices – these masses were and still are the base of our work. As time went by we increased the quantum of guests – it allowed us to give indeed better painting quality, start working on board game models and collector’s models. The studio’s rapid-fire growth was possible due to the high professional position of the painters. Each of us has further than 8 times in miniature figure painting. Either, each painter is an active tabletop player besides all painting exertion. The shelves in our office are full of models painted for our armies. Thanks to a similar experience we can more understand customer’s wishes and give high-quality paintings that will look great both on a shelf and on a gaming table. Accepting painting commissions from foreign guests is another step. Considering high competition it was surprising to us that our miniature painting service is in demand of players from other countries. Therefore, we attained great experience in working worldwide. Also, we cooperate with the suppliers of the most popular war games and can help our guests in copping the asked models. For case, the main Perpetuity and Council Ball supplier in our country works just coming door. We love new challenges. The number of wargame systems is constantly growing, numbers getting more and more detailed and now you can hardly imagine a big tabletop game without a sizeable set of models. Considering it we’re ready to take indeed the most unanticipated client’s tasks always following our studio’s principles.