Coloured lens a trending fashion

The fad is to have different looks, from hair color to now the color of eyes. With the help of contact colored contacts lens, you can achieve that look. With the online wares reachable to every person, you can buy anything you want and in every price range, this enabled anybody to buy cheap colored contacts . Some of them are one-time use and you would have to use them accordingly. You should be careful about using them and follow instructions carefully when using contacts of any nature and especially the over the counter contacts which are used for fun or fashion may not be effective lenses are medically or medically approved.

Where they are used

These lenses were first used in getting roles right in films or revelers in costume parties, eventually, it became a fad among people to wear colored lens as a part of everyday use. As the colored lenses are now cheap online people buy a variety of them and use them for every day use and look. It has now turned into a fashion accessory. The fashion statement has now reached levels of frenzy wherein a lot of people wear it to look great, without knowing whether it’s safe to wear. There are so many colored and decorative lenses that are available online, the buyer has to be aware that he/she is buying genuine products as the counterfeit and trial lenses can damage the eyes temporarily or even permanently.

The lens has to

  • Fit the user properly
  • They have to be sterile
  • You have to be trained to take care of the lens
  • You will also have to learn how to wear them

If this is not followed it can lead to infections, abrasions and even vision loss at times.

It has been known that colored contacts have to be medically approved. The colored contacts are disposable and are tinted in color. The coloring may be subtle and may just be enhancing the natural color of the person’s original eye color. There are ones that change the lens color completely leaving the middle clear. It has to be known the colored contacts are of benefit for medical reasons and make a change in the appearance of the eye due to a variety of reason such as scarring of the cornea, injury or infection. It also helps who have difficulty in tolerating the glare and the tinting will reduce the amount of light by blocking it.

If you buy a pair of colored contacts it is better to try it for

  • Comfort
  • Fit
  • Visual acuity

It is always a safe option to contact a doctor before you get contacts on, this will help you prevent any damage to your eye and you can get a go-ahead from the doctor whether you are an ideal candidate for contacts or not. As well and eye exam will certify whether contacts will suit your anatomy as well to know whether you will suffer from dry eye. The need to undergo this will help you prevent any serious infection to the eye which is not only painful but may cause a loss of vision for just following a trend and not the safety measures which entails it.