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Online Thrills and Shocking Bills – The Sunday Tribune 30/03/2008

Can’t get broadband in your area?

Don’t have it on your computer?

Or maybe you don’t have a computer to begin with. Don’t worry . . . with your mobile you can check your email, get stock quotes, read the news, or just kill some time flirting on Facebook.

Or at least that’s how mobile providers want you to think. The financial reality, however, can be a sobering, even nasty, experience. For not only is it expensive to surf the Net in this way, but there are a couple of financial booby-traps lying in wait for the less than vigilant.


The Net is Bursting With Free Stuff – The Sunday Tribune 06/08/2008


THE immensely popular Skype allows you to make free phonecalls from your computer to just about anywhere in the world. All you need to do is download the software (at skype. com), which takes just a few seconds. Then pop along to your nearest electronic/computer store and buy a headset, which costs as little as 20.

Once you and the person you’re calling plug the headsets into your respective computers, you’re ready to talk.


Tip of the Week – The Sunday Tribune 18/08/2008

Phone users are being ripped off when they make calls to government departments and large companies via 1850, 1890 and 0818 numbers. While mobile users who pay by bill have a block of “free” minutes credited to their phone each month, these minutes include standard land line and mobile numbers, but usually not other numbers.


Borderline Bargins – The Sunday Tribune 01/06/2008

WHEN you go north of the border, prices go south. This simple fact now has shoppers from the Republic regularly travelling in droves to towns such as Newry to do their shopping.

The difference in terms of hard cash is more glaring now than it has ever been, with stg£1 now worth around €1.26, compared with €1.50 or more just a few months ago. That dramatic drop in sterling’s value has led to a huge increase in purchasing power for buyers from the Republic. No additional duty or tax is payable on goods bought in shops and supermarkets in Northern Ireland once the duty and tax have already been paid there.


It’s trolleys at dawn as Tesco declares price war with Lidl – The Sunday Tribune 10/08/2008

Tesco is fighting hard with its new Cash Savers campaign – a throwback to the yellow pack days of the 1980s – but it will find it hard to close the gap on German discounter LidlLast summer, a survey by Ireland’s new National Consumer Agency found only a €2 difference in the cost of 58 popular items bought in supermarkets. The survey was astonishingly blind to a new cultural phenomenon. It did not include German discount retailers Aldi and Lidl, two competing giants that have offered impressively good value to Irish shoppers since opening their first stores here in the 1990s.


Watchdog Woes – The Irish Times 02/02/2009

In recent years, the internet has emerged as an expansive source of information for consumers, yet many of the grassroots sites that have sprung up have already disappeared.

It’s perhaps not surprising then that Irish prices are among the highest in Europe, with “Rip-off Ireland” as much a reality as when the term was coined a decade ago. Consumers’ concerns today are not very different from those expressed back in September 1966, when a large crowd gathered in Dublin for the inaugural meeting of the CAI. Speakers bewailed bad value and called for more reliable information on goods.


Smart Consumer: 10 ways to save money and still make merry this Christmas – Irish Independent 03/12/2009

We may all have less disposable cash this Christmas but that doesn’t have to mean we’ll have a miserable one.

As the decade closes we may recall the giddy highs of thinking we could, and should, buy whatever we want — the scramble to buy property at inflated prices and the knowing we were paying over the odds for everything but the feeling there was nothing we could do.

Now we know there is something we can do. Shopping around makes sense. Collectively asking for better prices and a better service can bring results.


Is it RIP for Rip-off Ireland? – The Irish Times 15/08/2009

For a few mad years, Irish consumers and their money were easily parted. But now that the boom is over it is finally dawning on us that Rip-Off Ireland was a fact, not a slogan

EVERYONE HAS their favourite tale of Rip-off Ireland. Mine dates back a few years, when I called in to a well-known shop that installs kitchens just as an expensively-dressed woman flounced out. The owner was shaking his head: “I tried to put her off, because I’m run off my feet, but she insisted. I quoted her €37,000 to get rid of her. The kitchen costs €20,000. But she said: ‘when can you start?’”.


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