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2012 April – Vodafone

??? Customers

€800,000 Impact

Vodafone Overcharging

Vodafone agrees to pay ComReg €951,000 following investigation into overcharging of prepay mobile customers.

Vodafone has today agreed to pay ComReg €951,000 following an investigation by ComReg into a discrepancy between prices published by Vodafone for calls to numbers in the 1520, 1580 and 1590 number ranges and the actual charges applied to customers.

Vodafone has been able to identify the customers affected by this incident between December 2010 and December 2011 but the customer data for the two years prior to December 2010 is not available. The customers identified by Vodafone will receive a refund either by cheque or directly through phone credit, together with an additional payment or credit by way of compensation. The amount that will be rebated to those customers that made calls during the period for which detailed records are available is approximately €800,000, including compensation for inconvenience caused.

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